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Home and business computer users lose large amounts of sensitive data on a daily basis. There are many factors that can contribute to a data loss situation. There are certain actions that you can take to minimize the chance of a loss of data, but more importantly it’s best to prepare for the worst before an issue arises.

Computer Data Loss Can Occur for Many Reasons Including:

  1. Accidental deletions by the computer user.
  2. Accidental hard drive reformatting.
  3. Damage from computer viruses and trojans.
  4. Physical damage from a fall, from spilled liquids, a fire, etc.
  5. Power surges and voltage spikes
  6. Power failures and brown outs.
  7. Continued reading and writing to the hard drive once a problem has been detected with it’s data consistency.
  8. Hard drive firmware issues
  9. Hard Drive controller malfunctions
  10. Natural disasters, such as floods and storms.

Nashville Tech Help offers a full range of online backup services and file hosting solutions. We provide economical plans with prices starting at just $49.00 a year for 50 gigabytes of storage, up to our business class plans that provide 250 gigabytes of storage for just $199.00 annually. We provide you with options to backup all of your sensitive data including, your Pc data, Mac data and also your smartphone data. We also provide you with access to your sensitive data from just about any device that has a web browser and Internet connectivity.

It’s best to have multiple copies of your important data, just in case of a catastrophe. Maintaining a reliable on-site backup is the first line of defense, but you should also consider utilizing a secure and reliable online backup service as a fail-safe to protect your files.

Online Backup Services